Light Worker Shining Level 2

This 4 part series is created to help Light Workers shine their brightest.

Growing Your Light  (level 2)
-on the fast track and on a budget
-at your convenience  -you pick time and date


9 rites oMunay-Ki(rites of passage of Incan)  $90 
***Practical Reiki Master

  three attumements & certificates                 125 ea

***** Practical Reiki book set                         29
^^^Chios  Master  
three attumements & certificates                  125 ea

Ascension Class                                            25
Chakra Release & balance                              50

***only 2 levels required if level 1 taken
*****not needed if have from level 1
^^^only 2 levels required id level 1 taken   

level 2

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